Q: Are your images digitally retouched?

A: Our photos are as photographed in RAW form, converted with basic adjustments into JPEG files. They are un-retouched images.

Q: Who do I credit?

A: You can credit in your book, publications, website or materials: Image Copyright: www.TheStockAlchemist.com

Q: Will I own the copyright of the image if I purchase a license?

A: No. The available licenses are only an authorization for the use of the image in your projects. It is a non-transferable (only the buyer is authorized to use the license. You can’t have someone else use your license to make their projects). The Stock Alchemist | Regina Wamba retains all Copyright to all images.

Q: Can I use the image I bought for web and social media promos?

A: Yes, but you may not publish the image in its original appearance and size this is to prevent piracy. Please share the artwork that is created to your hearts content.

Q: What happens if I failed to receive the image?

A: Simply contact us via our “Contact Form” on the website, and we’ll take care of you. The chances of digital transmission failure is extremely rare, but if it does happen, you may be assured that you can contact and we'll work to resolve the issue.

Q: Will there be a watermark on my photo after purchase?

A: The watermark is embedded in the public galleryto prevent piracy. When you buy the license, you will receive a watermark-free image in your email.

Q: Can I create pre-made book covers with your images?

A: Yes, each license allows for pre-mades to be made. Standard and Standard Plus only allow for ONE SALE ONLY.

Q: Are your images digitally retouched?

A: On rare occasions, we do light editing, but mostly not retouched, giving you the license holder the ability to retouch and create art to your hearts content.

Q: I want my book covers to have images that are for my exclusive use only. Do you have any images like that?

A: Yes. My Exclusive imagery is available via ExclusiveBookStock.com or you can visit ReginaWamba.com for more information.

Q: Do you have Model Release Forms?

A: Yes! All models have signed contracts. All images are owned by Regina Wamba | The Stock Alchemist